Friday, November 1, 2013

DIY Halloween Costume

I’ve been away from the blogosphere for a little while now, and before you start yelling at me please hear me out. First of all, let me just tell you that I am enormously flattered that people actually noticed my absence, hats off to you wonderful people. Second, you might think that depriving you of stories from my interesting life is cruelty bordering abuse, but this super planned and intentional three week break have given me the opportunity treat you to do something few humans, apart from Rose Tyler, have been privileged to experience: time travel. Starting next week, we’ll be travelling back in time and relive all the adventures from my absence. You’re welcome!

Well, now that that’s taken care of, I feel it’s time for a little Halloween costume DIY. It’s a little treat from me to all my fellow procrastinators, who still have no idea what to wear to the party tonight. And as help to that party Saturday you were invited to last minute because they needed people to fill up the empty spaces between their real friends. (No need to feel shame, we’ve all been there.)
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This masterpiece is one of my favorite children’s books. Cute animals and lots of poop, educational and entertaining, what more can you ask for? Since some of the title's original wording got lost in translation, this is the story of a mole’s quest finding out who pooped on his head. Somehow, the English translation manages to do something neither the original German nor any other translation I’ve seen could: namely to notto use the word poop at all. Which is both a little impressive and very lame. (Here is a great little animated video for those who wants to hear the story.)

How to make your own Mole with Poop on his Head costume for free:

What you need:
-          I pair of brown tights.

-          Brown fabric (I used a long sleeved shirt and a t-shirt)

-          Round glasses à la Harry Potter or face paint or

-          Cone of pink paper for snout or face paint or pink blush

-          Grey clothes

1.       Shower. The costume is supposed to look like shit, but you don’t need to smell like it too.

2.       Get dressed in grey clothes.

3.       Assemble poop by stuffing one thing of brown cloth in both legs of the pair of tights. (Try to find something very light for this, my neck got kind of sore after balancing that heavy poop all evening. Brown paper or cashmere are both ideal)

4.       Put on glasses and snout or paint your face to look like a mole with glasses.

5.       Gather hair in topknot.

6.       Wrap the crotch of the tights around your topknot to secure the poop to your head, then cover topknot with the butt-part of the tights.

7.       Arrange the poop ropes (the legs) on top of your head until wanted look is acquired. You can secure it with hair ties and bobby pins, but I did not feel like making holes in my new tights. It stayed up fine with just some strategic tucking.

8.       Wear your best “We are not amused”-Queen Victoria look and ask everyone if they pooped on your head.

9.       Accept all compliments and prices for your costume with grace, and if someone gives you shit, just give it back, (Spoiler alert) just like the little mole pooped on the offending dog’s head. Also, if the poop ropes come loose and hit anyone, just pretend it was on purpose with a simple “shit happens”.

So, what did you guys dress as for Halloween?


  1. Good one! I would have liked to see you poop on somebody's head, though...

  2. Du er jo fantastisk! Jeg ler og ler og ler og ler og er veldig imponert over kreativiteten!

  3. where is the next post? write about crazy scout trips :)

  4. where is the next post? write about crazy scout trips :)