Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I'm blue... And yellow and green and red.

Just checking in today to tell you that I ran 25 km on Sunday (that’s over 15 mi for you American idiots). A whopping twenty five kilometers of muddy trail filled with loose rocks and slippery roots. I’m not even going to pretend to be humble about it and say that anyone could have done it and that it’s not a big deal, because fuck that: it’s the farthest I’ve ever run and it’s a huge deal! Go ME! Go legs and fuck yeah 25k!

Even more impressive is that I only fell once. You see, for some reason, that grace, body control, and elegance most people gain from doing 10 years of gymnastics sort of eluded me.The simpelest tasks that involve moving any body part is always a gamble. Only a week ago, I had to file an incident report at work because I got severely burnt. Not from anything related to our lime kiln which would have made sense, nope: I spilled piping hot tea all over myself because I tripped on the floor. The perfectly normal, completely flat office floor. Not that it was the first time I spilled hot tea all over myself, but the other times have been more due to the fact that I seem to forget that I’m wider than my head whenever I try to pass through a doorway, which is a slightly less embarrassing offence. This complete lack of self-awareness results in my shoulders, knees, shins, and most every other body part constantly being covered in bruises. And more often than not, I have no idea of how they got there. I mean, if I were to remember all the times I bumped into a table or knocked my hips into a bookshelf, there would be no brain capacity left for anything else. Literally. (In the literal sense, not the figurative sense.)

Not this time though, this time I know perfectly well that the huge, multicolored bruise on my butt is from that butt plant on the trails (is butt plant the equivalent to a face palnt where you land on your butt?) It’s like my body is celebrating pride week with a somewhat unsuccessful re-creation of a rainbow flag all over my left butt cheek. Which I am all for, I just wished it had decided to use less earthly tones. There’s a distinct difference between Kelly green and snot green, just saying. Do your homework, butt!

I don’t have any fun pictures of this, but I’m feeling pretty hungry, so here is a pizza I ate while in Denmark this summer. 
Is sure was delish, but these Danes really have something to learn when it comes to even distribution of toppings.
Feel free to use the comment section to compliment me for my successful week end. Or to brag about your own sucesses. This is a judgement free zone. 

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