Friday, January 31, 2014

Terricited is a word: it means terrified and excited at the same time

This week went by in a snowy blur. I moved into an apartment in Oslo that I’ll be borrowing from a friend until Easter. To say that I’m excited about living on my own again is not an overstatement. I almost peed myself, that is how excited I was! Not sharing a bathroom with two of my brothers is my new definition of heaven. Example: “How did it feel to pet that unicorn?”” Like not sharing a bathroom with two younger brothers!”  I’ll miss the lunches and breakfasts my mother so kindly provided for sure, but I’ll never be afraid to sit down in a puddle of pee ever again. NO PEE PUDDLES! (Except when I get excited, that is. Puppies and me: excitement peeing and hairy legs.)

I’ve been looking forward to and dreading this week end for a while now. I’m going to the town of Stavanger on the west coast to attend an audition called “So you think you want to be a relief worker?” 
 Pros and cons explaining my terricitment (the noun)
Pro: Stavanger is the only one of the major cities and towns in Norway I’ve not been to and it’ll be nice to check that off my list. (We have maybe 5 major cities on Norway, none of which can be called a city.)
Con: I’m a little afraid of the people from Stavanger. Their dialect makes them seem angry all the time. Besides, it’s one of my least favorite dialects and I’m not looking forward to hearing it all week end.

Pro: The course/audition is hosted by the Norwegian chapter of Engineers Whithout Borders. I Was really involved with this org in the States, so I’m looking forward to get more involved here as well.
Con: Out of the 30 participants attending the class, only 10 will get a chance to go to Uganda and work with a development project there. I would love to do that, but tend to not perform well under stress. Just the other day, I threw my phone across the room because I freaked out about a call from an unknown number. Any more stress than that, and I really don’t know how I’ll react.

Pro: I am going by myself, so I’ll get to practice my socializing skills.
Con: I’M GOING BY MYSELF! I hate strangers, so there is no way this will be a pleasant experience. Thank goodness for Beatrice and the comfort she provides.

Thank godness I made a batch of this yesterday. Stored safely in my freezer for therapy Sunday.
What are your week end plans?
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  1. Congrats on getting your new place! I can't even fathom living at home again. I go to visit my parents a few times a year and suddenly I feel like a two year old "keep your elbows off the table." "It's cold outside, put on your jacket." Definitely not a good look for a woman who has her own daughter.

    I'm loving your new word. Terricited. I'll be sure to use it when the appropriate situation arises ;)

  2. Blog post? Blog post?! Blog post!

  3. Blog post? Blog post?! Blog post!

  4. Ugh, pee puddles. Are your brothers really not house trained yet?