Monday, August 25, 2014

I am back! With a picture of my back!

Sometimes I wear fancy topknots, in lieu of my usual messy bun.
Photo: the amazing Lise Martine Halle
Dude! I’m back! Don’t know for how long or how often, but if we just stay in the present, like the teachings of mindfulness tells us, then I’m here right now and that is all that matters. (Although, the present moment of me writing this is not the same as the moment of you reading this, which makes me confused about which “right now” I am talking about. This whole mindfulness-business is really confusing to me, my company does not get their money’s worth in regards to my life coach’s fee, I think. Also, I’m not quite sure how I started writing about mindfulness, do you remember? This whole writing business in general is very confusing, with the tenses and the time lapse between reading and writing and the “not writing long and complicated sentences” and the delicate subtleties of the English language, not to mention . You know what, were just going to pretend that this whole parenthesis did not happen. I can’t remember what it was supposed to be about and at this point I really don’t know where it ended. Let’s just agree to move on to the next paragraph and never mention this confusing monster of a parenthesis again. Deal!)

One of the pros of being away for a long time is that stuff has happened in my life, so I might actually have some content to put on here. The con is that I’m getting older and thus my memory is starting to fail me, so I’ll probably not remember the good stuff. As an exciting preview, I guess I can mention that since January, I’ve been to multiple countries, I’ve ran a lot and gotten weird semi-running-related injuries, I’ve been on awkward dates, I’ve made food and drinks, I’ve consumed a lot of food and drinks, and I’ve watched 8 seasons of Supernatural . I’ll go in more detail about all this later. (Note to self: this right here can be used as a list for future blog posts. And since everyone know that having a topic is at least 50% of the work, that means that these posts are more or less going to write themselves. ) (Note to self 2: Should probably stop ending all paragraphs with a parenthesis.)(Note to self 3: And no more“note to self”s, just cut it.)

In the last 4 days, two very exciting things have happened in my life:
1.    Since June 2013, I’ve never had better internet connection than Edge on my phone. I just assumed that my company had a crappy deal with the phone company, and went on living my merry life with the slowest internet imaginable. It turned out that there was a setting on my phone, and now I have super-fast internet on my phone and it is like I’ve finally joined the rest of the world in this millennium. 
If you’re wondering about the placement of my apps, it’s because my phone screen is too big for my stubby, little fingers to reach across. This placement allows me to reach all apps while still keeping a secure grip on the device. And yeah; my apps are color coordinated, shoot me.

2.    Yesterday, I discovered that there is a season of Doctor Who on Netflix that I’ve yet to see. “Geronimo” I yelled, as I threw myself and a big bag of chips on the couch, settling in for a serious marathon. And let me tell you, there are some abilities that you learn from training towards running a marathon that will leave you so much better equipped for a Netflix marathon. Bladder control and stamina (after all, you don’t want to fall asleep)are the first two that comes to mind.

I basically checked in today to say that you can add me to your list of blogs to check, because Topknotted is not dormant anymore. And if you’re using Bloglovin, you can always follow my blog there and then you never have to check here ever. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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  1. You're back! Yay! Fun! Be more mindful, that makes funny posts.

    1. You're just like my coach. Minus the humongus fee.