Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Facts: Go shawty, it is friday!

Friday fact: I’m vertically challenged.
Being short is not something I have a huge issue with, but it sure can be inconvenient. Like that time I showed up for my first day of classes in 11th grade at new school, and a teacher was sure I had gone to the wrong assembly and took me to the 8th grade class. Being mistaken for a 13 year old when you’re 16 does not happen to people with a normal altitude as frequently, I’m sure. Or dealing with the new game my brothers have invented, which involves putting all my stuff at places where I can’t reach them. Great fun for the whole family! I would be more upset, if it weren’t for the fact that every time we enter a plane, their eyes are full of envy.
The ups and downs of being short
1.    You can’t reach things.
Con: Few things are more awkward than having to jump to reach things in stores. Or forgetting that you are poor and your dress is therefore poorly made, so when you reach for things on high shelves you are simultaneously preforming a little strip tease.
Pro: Ever needed a reason to talk to that tall, handsome stranger in the canned goods isle? Short solution!
2.    You see everything from a different perspective
Con: Constantly looking up stranger’s noses. Not cleaning the dust that the rest of the world clearly sees before dinner parties.
Pro: You can find things other people can’t find
3.    People see you from a different perspective
Con: Baldness or dandruff is more apparent.
Pro: Your face looks skinnier when seen from above.
4.    Difficult to find clothes that fit
Con: Normal clothes never fit and they never have your size. I’ve yet to find a maxi dress I can wear without stilettoes.
Pro: You can find some great deal at sales and sometimes you can even find things in the children’s section. Money saved = money to spend on much needed stools
5.    People treat you like a child because you are fun sized
Con: Terrible in business-situations, especially combined with the voice of a mouse and a baby face.
Pro: None, because the insult of being allowed to pay children’s fares at 25 is greater than the economic benefit
6.    Being shorter than everyone around you
Con: You never see anything at concerts or parades and if you have even a slight tendency of claustrophobia, crowds are terrifying without heels. I would say that the main reason I ever wear heels out is so I don’t get trampled.
Pro: You fit where others won’t. And it’s easier to hide, which would be super convenient if you are ever chased or stalked.
7.    Awkward photos:
Con: A close up of a short and a tall person either looks really weird or one of the participants has to stand at a weird angle. It’s easy for your brothers to crop photos so it looks like your date went alone, which is not a great way to welcome someone into the family, Håkon.
Pro: It’s funny.
Here is the picture that I sent my brother for him to show the family:

Me with ridiculously tall shoes and ridiculously tall boyfriend

Here is what he showed the family:
Look at that looser, no date!

A few more hours of work, and then I'm off the the mountains!


  1. 5. made me LOL. Thx :) If you ever think about making a list for girls who are (a little) tall, I'd like to contribute.

    1. Everything on this list made me LOL: I love being tall! :D

    2. Write it up and I'll post it! Weee.

    3. Basically reverse this list, but add on: tall boys want short, cute girls, not tall girls... Always been a "problem" for me.

      And in high school I used to get: "hey, how´s the weather up there?", "don´t you get altitude sickness?" etc. Super fun. I even got a bad back because all my friends were so much shorter than me from age 12 (when I suddenly had a serious growth spurt), and I slouched so I would´t stand out. I´ve still got a bad posture because of this.. :)

  2. that håkon fella sure seems like a funny guy!!