Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tell the ones that need to know, I am heading north

Greetings from 170 degrees north! Today, I’m crossing the arctic circle, heading to the wild north for work. If all goes well, I’ll probably have some exciting stories to tell. If I survive, that is.

I had a very exciting morning today. My childhood friend Ingrid and I had breakfast at McDonald's. To most, this might not seem very exciting at all, but this was not possible a month back because the lack of breakfast foods sold at the golden arches. Along with traditional items such as McMuffins and McHashbrowns, the breakfast here in Norway includes local delicacies such as whole wheat rolls with brown cheese.

Norwegian breakfast at McDonald's. Disappointingly little deep fried yummyness.
Our mission this morning was not to eat any of the aforementioned food, but the wonderful McToast. This fabulous McD version of grilled ham and cheese was a lunch item during our early teens and edible nostalgia is for sure one of my favorite things. Our breakfast adventure had been perfect, if it had not been for the fact that we were almost killed from a toxic gas. Or so we thought until we realized it was two 15 year olds that must have showered in Abercrombie and Fitch perfume minutes before. How else would they be able to overpower the smell of McDonalds and reach us sitting 5 m away?

I promise I’ll have more to tell Friday, but I really have to get to bed now.
Also, ten point to anyone who recognize the song in the title.



  1. I almost googled it just to get ten points, but that would be cheating...