Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It was a dark and stormy night...

Imagine this:

It’s a dark and stormy autumn evening and two sisters and their friends have gathered to watch their latest VHS: Pippi Goes on Board. Only a large window pane separates them from the wet leaves and wind of the forest behind the house. A forest that come spring will provide creeks and puddles galore, during summer the perfect backdrop for wild adventures, and in the winter a great place to spot moose, deer, and other wildlife that wade thought the snow to munch the sheaf of grains put out for the birds. The girls’ attention is focused on the flickering lights of the television depicting the pranks of Pippi and not on the gloomy trees. Which is why they don’t notice the creeping shadow closing in on the house until it’s almost too late. A dim reflection disrupts the image of pirates on the tv set and catches a girl’s attention. The little yelp is all it takes for the groups’ focus to switch to the window. Moving towards them is something big and white. Something they’ve only heard of in fairytales and stories: It’s a charging ghost! The sound level and commotion is something that nowadays can only be seen when Justin Bieber arrives at a concert, but these screams are not screams of joy. Amidst the terror, two sisters remain calm and stoic, not due to bravery or stupidity, but the fact that they are the daughters of the woman under the sheet and more than used to her antics.
Happy birthday to the best mom I’ve ever had! It’s the memories that cause posttraumatic stress disorder that are also the best stories, and you sure have provided me with plenty.


  1. Ahahaha, I love your mother! I want to be just like her when I get kids.. Happy belated birthday, Hilde! :D

    1. Well, apart from the fact that she has yet to read this... Thnaks for the support, MOM!

  2. The best mom you ever had?? May be the only one you ever had?? Or are you trying to tell me something..? Thanks:)