Thursday, September 12, 2013

Science, y'all.

Hey guys,
I sort of forgot that yesterday was Wednesday… Sorry! You see, I’m taking a family vacation this week and you know how easily days get mixed up when on a holiday. By family vacation I don’t mean that I’m on a holiday with the fam, rather, I’m taking a vacation from living with my family. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family more than Nutella (maybe), but after moving out six years ago, moving back home has been quite the challenge. Sharing a bathroom with two teenaged boys is one thing I would suggest being added to the list of punishments that can be court ordered for minor offences. So, when my sister gave me the opportunity to use her apartment for a week, I jumped on it like a bear on a trampoline.

Since Tuesday, I’ve been enjoying a sloth like relaxation like no other. You never really know how tense the threat of suddenly being picked up and moved to a different location can make you, until it’s no longer there. Ah, the joys of having gigantic sized, younger brothers.

Solitude leads to reflection, which leads to important scientific discoveries. Behold: the evolution of chocolate:

And that’s all for now,

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